Easy 4 Step Mini Cheesecake Recipe

If you asked me if I could cook, I would tell you I try, and mostly anyone who knows me well enough would erupt into laughter. I may or may not have managed to melt a spoon the first night I moved out to live on my own.  I’m by no means Wolfgang puck but as I’ve gotten older in age I figured its probably time for me to attempt to start adulting like the rest of my peers in society.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t mind cooking or baking  in order to contribute  something to a party as long as you can find a simple recipe. The easier the better! Thankfully for Pinterest, I found an incredibly easy and very tasty cheesecake treat!

All you need is the few simple ingredients below, a cupcake pan, and a refrigerator!


First step:  Put the cupcake holders in the pan with the reese cups on the bottom.img_0219

Next step: Open the No Bake mix and add a 1 1/2 cup of milk into a bowl. Mix for three minutes until the batter gets thick. (I used a mixer rather than mixing by hand)img_0218

Following step: Put the mix right on top of the reese cup!


Lastly, I added the graham cracker crumbs that came with the cheese cake mix and I sprinkled them on top with mini chocolate chips and then put them in the refrigerator!


These mini cheesecakes took maybe 20 minutes to make and they were a hit at the party I took them too. I put them on a serving tray and added a little garnish to jazz up the presentation.  This could be my new go-to dessert from now on. Minimal time, a few ingredients and many happy tastes buds!  I hope if you give this recipe a try, you enjoy them as much as I did!


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