Breakfast Adventure

S and I like to go on adventures, and when I say adventures, I mean we pick a direction, go to a town close by that we aren’t familiar with and find new places to eat. With a little help from the reliable maps on my iPhone we came across McKenna’s Kitchen and Market, in Havertown PA.

Pulling up to the restuarant, from the outside it looks like someone’s home. Yet when you walk in, you get a warm welcoming feeling. The breakfast bar and the kitchen are the first things you see right when you walk in. The decor is a rustic farm vibe which isn’t all that common amongst this area.


The menu was American with a twist of Irish flare. That’s also something that you don’t see too often. Below is the menu, for anyone interested.

McKenna’s Menu

I ordered a breakfast sandwich that consisted of eggs, cheese and sausage on a toasted bagel. The bagel was toasted a little too much for my liking but overall I really enjoyed it. S, got an omelette with cheese, mushrooms and sausage that came with toast and home fries. He scarfed his down so quickly, that I wasn’t able to get a picture but I suppose that could be a good problem, when you enjoy your food that much.


Mckenna’s Kitchen had a real authentic vibe that I enjoyed greatly. Sitting at the high top table and looking around just gave me a homey feeling. It’s a family owned restuarant that was once an Irish shop and then renovated into what it is today. It’s touching to see a family keep their Irish roots incorporated into their  fresh American cuisine.


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