Diner Deliciousness

S and I went to our favorite diner in the area one last time before he left for his new city of Cleveland. We’ve been going to this place for the last 4 years. We usually go after church on sundays. 0606b35f088d7a0701071c5a48e0bbaeYou can always count on it being super crowded come the weekends. Waiting on a weekend is inevitable but nothing unmanagable. The name of the diner is Bonnet Lane and it’s located in Abington, Pa.

Luckily for us, we went on a weekday and the place was empty compared to what we are used to so we were seated immediately. The service is great and regardless of how busy to slow the food comes out quickly. Every hungover persons dream!




758306f8f686d1ea18e08960008c96ebWhen it comes to coffee I’m typically a Dunkin’ Donuts snob. There are very few places that have better coffee  but I never turn down the opportunity to get my daily dose of caffine from wherever I can get it. I don’t know what it is about the coffee at Bonnet Lane but it’s one of the few places that is just as good as Dunkin’ in my opinion. I don’t know what or how they make it but it doesn’t taste like anything I can manage to make with a coffee maker.



As far as breakfast is concerned, I got an order of short stack french toast and a cup of coffee. S got eggs with cheese of course, pancakes, bacon and home fries with some toast.  It literally came out maybe 7 minutes after we ordered.  When I said they were quick, I wasn’t joking. Everything pictured was devoured shortly after.

It’s a cozy diner that serves, breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the food is great. I’m not one to typically eat food from diners unless it’s breakfast. I literally had a friend take me to a place for lunch and we pulled up and I asked “Is this a diner?” his response to this day still makes me laugh. He said “for you this is a restaurant, for anyone else it’s a diner”.

If your ever in the suburbs of Philadelphia looking for a place to grab breakfast, I highly recommend Bonnet Lane. You’ll thank me later 🙂

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