Magic Garden’s- Philadelphia, PA

If you’re ever visiting the city of Philadelphia, one place I would recommend making a visit to is the Magic Gardens. This is an area full of beautiful mosaic art by an artist: Isaiah Zagar.

The magic garden’s is a place I’ve been waiting to go to for sometime. Rather than actually doing the appropriate research of the garden’s we just jumped into the car and headed into the city. I thought it was just a little open area in a small radius where you just walked around and admired the art work. WRONG, well slightly.

Once we got there we found out you had to buy tickets and they only let 6 people in per hour. I think the tickets were like 7 dollars which is completely reasonable but we showed up at 1pm and they were selling tickets to get in at 5:30. Probably why most people would think to look the place up before showing up, not I. Since we weren’t willing to wait, we just started walking around the area. Without paying 7 dollars and having to wait 4 hours to get in, we still found plenty of beautiful mosaic art for zero dollars!

Around the gardens are alleys that display beautiful work in which I took advantage of and captured some pictures. We spent probably a half hour walking around and taking it all in. So if you are on a time crunch it’s a place you can spend minimal time and still get some sights in!

If you interested in learning more about the garden’s or purchasing tickets in advance check out their website: Magic Garden!


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