Cleveland, OH

I finally got to visit S in his new city of Cleveland and it was so much fun! When he first said he was moving to Cleveland, my initial reaction was “as like in Cleveland, OHIO?! Who moves to Ohio?”. Yes, after exploring the city and seeing how insanely cool it actually is, I now feel like an ass. In all seriousness Cleveland is pretty awesome. The city isn’t all that large so you can walk to the majority of the places if you wish to get some exercise. S moved right next to playhouse square which is where the stadiums of the Indians, Cavs and theaters are. Sadly their were no sighting of King James himself but some would argue he’s over rated. I would have never thought of Cleveland as a city worth traveling too, but since going, I seriously recommend it. If you like sports, bars, breweries, food and fun all in walking distance, seriously check it out if you have the opportunity.  I snapped some pics when I took my camera out with me and did a little exploring one day. There is so much of the city I didn’t get a chance to snap because we were drinking beers and having fun. Expensive equipment + beers + me = a terrible idea.


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