Kim & Raul’s Wedding Day!

IMG_2835IMG_2841IMG_2845IMG_2847IMG_2848IMG_2895IMG_2898IMG_2902IMG_2903IMG_2954IMG_2956IMG_3015IMG_3019IMG_3020IMG_3095IMG_3117IMG_3130IMG_3135IMG_3159IMG_3178IMG_3183IMG_3185IMG_3194IMG_3325IMG_3326IMG_3329IMG_3334I had the honor and privilege to shoot my baby cousins wedding day. It’s the first wedding I’ve done & for being an amateur, I’m pleased with the results. I need to learn how to use photoshop so I can remove objects from pictures but I did my best using Lightroom. Let me know what you guys think!IMG_2419IMG_2423IMG_2425IMG_2426IMG_2427IMG_2428IMG_2429IMG_2431IMG_2432IMG_2434IMG_2443IMG_2445IMG_2468IMG_2475IMG_2476IMG_2478IMG_2480IMG_2482IMG_2483IMG_2493IMG_2517IMG_2518IMG_2524IMG_2530IMG_2539IMG_2544IMG_2546IMG_2549IMG_2551IMG_2577IMG_2583IMG_2629IMG_2635IMG_2652IMG_2662IMG_2663

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